Direct talk - 01 / सीधी बात-01

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Lets we communicate with each other directly. LSUN ( Local Social Utility Network) as name suggest- LOCAL means where you live under a particular PIN code SOCIAL means connectivity between each other. UTILITY means to exchange knowledge and information about- product,services,requirements, experience,invitations etc. NETWORK means your group where you can share all the things from where others can get benefited from your knowledge and experience and help each other.

Every person is a unique creature of GOD and have a tremendous potential for growth in his/her working field.but many time they lost their identity due to un noticed in market.

I think they need one chance to be get noticed....... here LSUN provides that platform where you can put your products and service.

We also encourage you to share your experience towards any shop,product,service etc. we will connect those in our platform if they fullfill our criteria.

Many time you ask with your friend " do you know any good electrician." "which school is good?" "yaar want a house for rent" etc..